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9 Facts about Laura

Laura trains with her cycle

Laura doesn't eat meat

Laura loves nature

Laura eats a piece of cake each day

Laura is the founder of KickAss Sports

Laura has a dog

Laura hates to lose

Laura has climbed a 9+

Laura didn't learn to swim until she was 24


Laura is one of the best triathletes in the world. She finished her first long distance with the fastest debut time ever to date, finishing 4th in Hawaii at her first attempt at the legendary Ironman. She is the 2021 European Champion and holds one of the fastest running times in Ironman with 2:44h for the marathon.

Laura loves her sport, which she has made her profession.


Word hard. Have fun. Kick ass describes the feeling of being able to do anything if Laura wants to. This motto led Laura into a deep examination of herself and her health. She emerged from this (unfinished) process healthier and with an even stronger personality.

On her YouTube channel, Laura lets you participate in part of this process and talks openly about her cycle and sport based on her experiences and knowledge.


Laura has a strong connection with nature. As a child from the countryside and as a Waldorf student, she spent a lot of time in nature at an early age. Each of her sports draws Laura into nature, which she experiences intensively every day in training. For her, living in harmony with nature is the programme. From food to training, energy consumption and when travelling, Laura always checks compatibility with her ideas. She is not perfect either, but her footprint is getting smaller and smaller.

Laura has been a vegetarian by conviction since childhood.

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